Nelson Bay Vets Website Login

The first page of the website shows “Log in” link in the top right corner. If the screen is small then the “Log in” link is shown in a dropdown list after touching or clicking “Menu” image (three horizontal lines in top left corner of the page).

Click the “Log in” link to enter Log in page. You are asked to enter:

1. Email address – this is the address you provided on your registration form when joining the Vets. If you do not have an email address then contact Administrator who will provide you with one.

2. Password – enter password provided to you by the Administrator, if you did not change it. If you forgot the password then the Administrator can provide you with a new one.

3. You may check “Remember me?” box if you want the email and password to be stored in your browser, saving you re-typing them when returning to the website.

Click or touch blue “Log in” button to enter the member’s part of the website.